The Extractor!

Safe/Organic Relief From Insect Bites!


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A safe, effective way to remove poison from insect stings and snake bites. Requires no incision or tourniquet. Pump creates a powerful vacuum over the wound that draws out poison painlessly.

bulletCompact, lightweight and durable. Venom pump should be basic for every outdoor worker. Even when working alone, in many cases injured worker can use the extractor pump with one hand, without assistance, to obtain relief. Comes in rugged plastic case with four sizes of suction cups. Included also are The Bite Book brochure detailing treatment instructions; safety razor for shaving around wound, PVP Iodine wipes; and adhesive bandages for protecting the wound after treatment.

The Tick Pliers

SAWYER TICK PLIER or TICK SCOOP to remove ticks safely without squeezing, twisting, or even touching the tick.

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